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Fruit sorters

An innovative solution that can accurately and efficiently sort fruits,
based on multiple parameters including size, color, and quality.

The Green Sort Vision apple and fruit sorter is a compact and innovative solution for fruit growers. It was developed by engineers who use it daily on their own farms, giving us a deep understanding of the high-quality standards that people expect. With the ability to sort by diameter, detect color variations, and identify damage, you are well-prepared to meet those expectations.

The Green Sort Vision sorting machine combines cutting-edge technology with an affordable price.
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Sorting different types of fruits


Precise sorting – optical classification

The irregular shape of apples with similar or even identical diameters often leads to variations in weight, making weight separators less precise. To address this market need, Green Sort offers an optical sorter. Our sorter measures fruit size, assesses color and identifies damage. It uses an artificial intelligence module to continuously improve its ability for accurate fruit verification.

Gentle sorting process

The Green Sort Vision sorter features a gentle operation where fruits smoothly transition between machine components without detachment or rough handling, positively impacting the quality of the sorted fruits.

An intelligent learning sorter

High-tech advanced vision systems, combined with AI (artificial intelligence), make it possible to detect and classify defects, allowing it to efficiently sort fruits for purposes such as juice production, dessert fruits, and more.

Adaptable modular design

In developing the Green Sort sorting line, we emphasized a modular design, allowing for customized configurations with each order. Our product enables the construction of a tailored device suitable even for compact spaces. All modules are in-house manufactured, ensuring superior quality in every component, as we do not rely on external subcontractors.

For all fruit growers

We aim to empower fruit growers to independently and conveniently sort their fruits without relying on external companies. Green Sort offers competitive pricing and diverse equipment options, making our products accessible to all fruit growers seeking this type of machinery. Our mission is to supply intelligent sorting machines to orchard farms across Europe and worldwide.

Compact smart apple sorting line

Technical specification
• Sorting apples
(optional sorting of spherical fruit and vegetables: Pear, Kaki, Pomegranate, Orange, Potato, Beetroot, Peppers, Tomatoes, Onion)
• Capacity from 1,2 t/h up to 2.5 t/h
• Receiving tables (outputs) from 5 to 8
• Gentle for sorted fruits
• Sorting by HD camera
• Sorting based on artificial intelligence Al- algorithms
• Control via touch screen
• Modular design
• Simple durable structure
• Remote access via Wi-Fi – software updates

Quiet tippler with upper discharge

An innovative design, currently patent submitted, distinguishes itself by utilizing a single electric drive. This unique approach not only ensures remarkable quietness in operation but also facilitates ease of control and construction.

Equipped with a photocell, it precisely dispenses the accurate amount of fruit into the sorter. Furthermore, a belt, enveloping the fruit to prevent spillage during rotation, is coated with a sponge. This feature effectively cushions the fruit against the rotating surface, preventing bruising.

The Green Sort Electric Tipper with Top Dump stands out as the quietest professional tipper available in the market. Performing functions similar to hydraulic tippers with top dump, it offers a distinct advantage in its versatile application.

Water unloading

The compact system is akin in size to top tippers, measuring only 3.1 meters in length, 2.2 meters in width, and 3 meters in height. It features a convenient remote control, allowing remote initiation of the box pallet’s emptying process. Once dropped into the water, the crate swiftly turns and is ejected upwards, preserving the wooden crates from getting wet and prolonging their usability.

This system incorporates innovative storage and fruit delivery mechanisms, enabling operations without the need for an expansive water channel, saving considerable space. Furthermore, in spaces with more extensive capacity, we offer straight and bolted water channels ranging from 1.5 meters to several meters in size. This flexibility allows fruit unloading in one hall and sorting in another.