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Intelligent fruit sorting

Unmatched fruit sorting solutions for small and medium-sized farms
With a capacity of 2.5 t/ha and even more – from $25000!

Apple sorter from $25000.

For as little as $25,000, your orchard farm can be equipped with a top-of-the-line automated apple sorting system. Even small-scale fruit growers can now attain peak productivity and ensure superior fruit quality with minimal investment.

Cutting-edge technology

It is an integral part of our business. We invest in the latest technological solutions to optimize processes, monitor quality of our products, and provide innovative solutions to our customers. Modern technology is a key element of our success and our ongoing development.

Qualified personnel

We believe our employees are our greatest asset. With the commitment and competence of our employees, we are able to deliver products at the highest level and meet the demands of our customers. Our qualified staff is the core of our success and the key to achieving ambitious goals.

Satisfied customers

They are the foundation of our success, as they are the ones who choose our products, come back for them and recommend them to their friends. That’s why we focus on quality, professionalism and continuous improvement of our offer to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.