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Curious about why we manufacture such exceptional sorting machines?
Right from the start, our company has been dedicated to this very concept.

The company was established by individuals with lifelong involvement in orcharding. Observing the need for sorting machines in orchards, we noticed that sorting machine companies predominantly emphasized expensive, large-scale lines, expecting fruit growers to form cooperatives. However, this approach didn’t cater to the needs of small and medium-sized orchards.

Right after graduating from the Warsaw University of Technology, my fellow students and I decided to address this issue. We embarked on designing cutting-edge optical solutions from the ground up. Countless hours were dedicated to optimizing and streamlining the design, resulting in a machine that, in many aspects, surpasses existing market offerings while being available at half the price of comparable solutions.

Following the successful construction of the apple sorter, our efforts expanded to develop a blueberry sorter, constantly refining our established product, garnering multiple awards. The blueberry sorter represents another exceptional product, having sold dozens of units across the globe.