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Cutting-edge technology

To provide the highest quality products, we proactively leverage state-of-the-art technology and machinery.
Through our investments in modern solutions, we develop advanced and cost-effective sorting machines.

We integrate cutting-edge technology into our machines. Our engineering department is responsible for the development of both the technical and electrical components, while IT for advanced solutions based on artificial intelligence. Collaborating with technical universities and consultants, we remain at the forefront of technology implementation.

Our proprietary solutions incorporated in the apple and blueberry sorting machines are safeguarded by patents covering fruit unloading, transportation technologies, and computer analysis. Tippers and water unloading are regulated by photocells and sensor sets that relay information to a computer, analyzing images captured by cameras operating in visible and infrared light for blueberries. By processing thousands of reference images, our machines excel at detecting damage, outperforming the human eye and replacing individuals in labor-intensive sorting tasks.
Fruits that undergo our unloading, sorting, weighing, and packing procedures are now distributed worldwide, serving customers across Europe, Asia, and North America.

Each year, we receive numerous awards for our innovation, and the hundreds of satisfied customers serve as the most compelling affirmation of the development path our company has chosen.

Nagroda Innowacyjny Produkt Ogrodniczy 2018
Nagroda Rozwój Polskiego Ogrodnictwa 2019
Marka Lubelskie
Certyfikat Akademii Managera Innowacji
Wicemistrz Lubelskiej AgroLigi 2023

We don’t rest on our past achievements. Our machines are continually enhanced, software is in constant development, and, concurrently, we are designing new solutions by closely listening to the needs of farmers and fruit growers.